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Everybody needs a web page!



Web Page Packages

I want the website packages listed below to be as complete as possible,
that is why each Web Site package includes the following
at no extra charge:

I will setup 3 E-Mail accounts for your website

Help choosing a Domain name and 2 year registration

Design and creation of your unique web pages

Hosting of your website for 2 years.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

250 business cards with your website address.

Links from websites with similar content.

Generic Legal Page.


A Little Something is a beginning presence on the World Wide Web. You will get all the items listed above and 1 web page and up to 4 pictures. This is a great way to get started or maybe 1 page is all you need.


Just a Bit More could be the package that suits your needs. 3 web pages of content and 10 pictures.


Xtra Mile is 5 pages of content and up to 25 pictures. This sized website will definitely attract the visitors and give them plenty of content to keep them busy.


The Whole Shooting Match is just what it says, a large 10 page site with over 50 pictures, Do you have that much to say and show? If you do this is the package for you.


A Custom website can be yours if you want something outside of the normal packages. I will work closely with you to determine what are your requirements.

A On-line store can be added to your page to sell your products on the internet. An additional one time charge will apply depending on how complex you want your on-line store.

An On-line Calendar for your current events can be added to your webpage. You will have the ability to easily update your calendar.

Or maybe you would like a Photo gallery? Your photo gallery can also be easily updated without any technical knowledge.

Web Page Updates I can add more pages or update your finished website on a hourly rate($35hr) or I can show you how to do your own updates.

It doesn't matter your level of computer expertise, as I have said before I believe everyone should be able to have a website. I can help you get your website up and running in less then 30 days, standard packages.

Spiders, Robots, and other crawling things.
I believe SEO(Search Engine Optimization) starts with writing clean code, I don't use a code generator. I do use Meta Tags, Robot text files, style sheets, and redirect pages to help the spiders and Robots efficiently crawl over the pages of your website.

I will also run SEO tools against your finished site to insure the code is clean and the meta tags etc. are correct. One of the tools I use, Google webmaster tools, will show me how Google's robot sees your website. Google is the largest search engine today.

Links are also very important in how the search engines rank your website. In-coming links with similar content tell the search engines that your site is popular and relative, so your site is ranked higher.

All the search engines have their own methods of ranking a website in their search results. I spend a great deal of time researching these different methods and what's new, it is a never ending battle. The search engines are always changing their methods also known as their algorithms. Googles changes to their algorithms are even named because of the huge impact on internet marketing. I am not going to sugar coat it; your page might not be ranked high in the major search engines for a couple of years if ever. There are many different factors in why a page is ranked high and I will do everything possible to get you started in achieving that goal.

I will need the following items to create your Website:

What do you want to accomplish from your website?

I will need the pictures you want on your site. I can, resize, scan, and edit your pictures as needed.

You will also need to provide the text for your page. I can offer some help with the text.

Because you are providing the content, it will be the Web site you want.

Email addresses i.e. Sales@yoursite.com, john@yoursite.com, up to 3.


Please feel free to call me: 501.574.1026

You can also e-mail me at this address:



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